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Form 8621 Calculator: New features


Form 8621 Calculator

New features

  • Allow override on Unreversed Inclusions
  • Allow force Section 1296 Calculations
  • Allocate overwritten Unreversed inclusions to blocks based on using one of the following options (selected by the user):
    • number of units,
    • number of units and days held,
    • number of units and years held, or
    • custom, entered by the user
  • New advance training module for overriding the Unreversed Inclusions


  • Capitalizing State/Province and Postal Codes in financial institutions
  • Form 8621 entries – new form layout to include only the required fields.
  • List user notes in the Form 8621 summary screen.
  • New election information in the Form 8621 summary screen:
    • MTM – Mark to Market election was made
    • MTM (in red) – Section 1296 (Mark to Market) override was selected
    • QEF – QEF election was made
    • QEF (DD) – Deemed Dividend election was made
    • QEF (DS) – Deemed Sale election was made
    • QEF (in red) – Pedigreed QEF override was selected

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