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Form 8621 Calculator Update
Form 8621 Calculator Update
  • 2020 Forms and CCH Software entries
Form 8621 Calculator – Walk-through training
Form 8621 Calculator – Walk-through training

Recorded on February 14, 2018. In this hour long training video for the Form 8621 Calculator you will be presented with a detailed explanation of the work-flow, setting up clients and investment portfolios, a how to guide to complete form 8621s using our software. You will also learn how to make elections under Mark to Market, QEF, and OVDP. As well as tips and best practices to save you time and money when working with PFICs.

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Form 8621 Calculator Update v18.01.01


  • 2017 CCH Tax Preparation Program data entry update


  • Removed disallowed Foreign Tax Credits credits the form 8621
  • Deemed Sale Fair Market Value currency fix
Form 8621 Calculator Update v18.01.00


  • Currency update 2017 December
  • 2017 interest and tax rates
  • 2017 forms and calculations
Form 8621 Update: Consolidated Forms Guide (v17.03.02)


New Features

  • Consolidated Forms Guide
  • Export consolidated tax software grids for Schedule D and Schedule B
  • Form 1040 Statements for consolidated report: Line 21, Additional Tax and Interest, Form 1116 Line 12
  • Election in settings to use or opt out of the new consolidated reporting.
  • List Reference ID in Forms and Fund list
  • Order forms list by reference ID


  • PDF report fix when the transitional rule is applied
  • Remove the day of purchase from the holding period when counting days
Form 8621 Update: QEF Calculation Module (v17.03.01)


Expat Tax Tools is pleased to announce the release of our newest calculation module for completing the Form 8621 for Qualified Electing Funds (QEF).

The new QEF module includes both the pedigreed and un-pedigreed calculations, deemed sale elections, and prior year adjustments (when needed).

Also included in this release the following exciting new features:

  • Hiding or Showing PFIC investments that are sold in the form view screen;
  • Ability to enter per-share transaction amounts;
  • Ability to add notes to transactions and making an election whether the note appears on the PDF statement or not.

Additional changes:

  • Removed the alternate data entry option;
  • Removed the pop-up notification when the current transaction is over or under the set threshold amount.
Form 8621 Calculator Update v17.02.01

OVDP Calculation Update:

  • Finalized OVDP calculations including CCH Tax Software entries
Form 8621 Calculator Update v17.01.02


  • Manual & Automated update so the calculator can correspond with our new form8621.com domain
Form 8621 Calculator Update v17.01.01

2017 Update:

  • 2016 IRS interest and tax rates,
  • 2016 exchange rates,
  • 2016 forms and calculations,
  • Read-only module.
Form 8621 Calculator Update v16.03.01

update-noteNew Feature

  • Ability to key in transactions using the USD amounts when the statements are in US currency instead of the original functional currency of the investment and/or account.