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Tax Tools and Services

Take a look at our Tax Tools to help you with your tax preparation

Form 8621 Calculator

Generate the required entries for the Form 8621 and all affected 1040 schedules by simply entering the transaction summary of each fund in your client’s investment profile.Our Form 8621 Calculator provides you with a solution to this complex tax task.

Form 8621 Preparation

If you are someone who prepares their own taxes every year- but now you realize you own PFIC investments and need to file IRS Form 8621 to report them and you don’t want to pay an accountant to prepare your tax forms for you- we can help!

Gambling Returns

Learn how to easily prepare a 1040NR to file for a refund of tax withheld on US gambling winnings paid to Canadian residents. Our software is designed to prepare a complete and accurate gambling return for even the most novice Tax preparer or individual taxpayer.