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Gambling Returns

Gambling Returns

  • Live in Canada?
  • Play & win in the US?
  • Did the IRS keep 30% of your winnings?

It’s easy to prepare your own US Form 1040-NR tax return to receive the refund you are legally entitled to for a fraction of the cost of a paid professional, and in as few as 10 minutes.

Our upcoming Gambling Return application only costs

  • $49.99 per return
  • $19.99 extra if you don’t already have a US tax ID number

Compare to $150 or more charged by many firms for the same forms. Just follow our easy step by step process to prepare an accurate US non-resident return for a fraction of the price.

To use this program All the following must apply:

  • You were a resided in Canada at the time you won
  • You are NOT a US citizen or green card holder
  • You are NOT considered a US tax resident under the substantial presence test
  • You have no US source income besides the gambling winnings and personal interest
  • You have US gambling losses

Our Do-It-Yourself program designed to allow you to prepare a complete and accurate US non-resident tax return to receive a refund of taxes withheld by the IRS from your casino jackpots. You can apply for a refund of the taxes that were withheld from the winnings quickly and with ease. This program will even prepare an accurate application for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) if you do not already have a US Tax number.

All US non-residents are subject to tax withholding equal to 30% of the total amount gambling winnings. The US/Canada Tax Treaty allows Canadian residents, who are not also considered US persons, to file a US non-resident tax return and receive a refund of part or the entire amount if they can substantiate their losses.

Some US states tax the gambling winnings of non-resident aliens, please contact American Expat Tax Services if you have state tax withheld from your winnings for assistance with the state return filing.