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Upcoming Training Sessions

We are happy to announce that Mary Beth Lougen EA USTCP will be at the following conferences this fall with PFIC specific training and presentations:

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion & Other Things International

October 18 – Hampton Roads Chapter Virginia Society of Enrolled Agents

A basic overview of IRC 911 Foreign Earned Income Exclusion covering who can and cannot take advantage of the exclusion, is it always the best option, and some often overlooked nuances to completing Form 2555. Form 2555 will be following by a quick review of other forms that may need to be filed by Americans working or living abroad.

PFICs- Potential Issues and Benefits

November 2 – 20th Annual International Tax Symposium – City Place Dallas Texas
November 3  – 20th Annual International Tax Symposium- University of Houston Student Center South

Passive Foreign Investment Companies have become the bad boy of income taxation for taxpayers with foreign investments and assets. This is not your standard session on what is a PFIC and how is it taxed, it is more strategy based and give the participant a different way to look at PFICs. We will cover an often overlooked pitfall in the QEF election as well as some ways to make the PFIC regulations benefit your client in the right situation.

The Canadian In America

November 9 –  2017 International Tax Program NYC – Tax Practice Pro, Inc

A 2-hour session designed to give you specific tax treatments for Canadians with US tax obligations. This will include the Canadian working temporarily in the US, the Canadian who has moved to the US and the American with Canadian accounts and assets. You will learn how to identify and report types of Canadian accounts that require special treatment, the US & Canadian tax treatment of various types of income and how to use certain strategies to give your client the best overall outcome.

PFICs: Identification, reporting, elections

November 9 –  2017 International Tax Program NYC – Tax Practice Pro, Inc

A 2-hour primer on passive foreign investment companies- what are they, how are they taxed, what are the various elections and what do they mean for the taxpayer. We will also cover the information reporting obligations imposed under IRS 1298(f).

PFIC/8621 Case Study

November 10 –  2017 International Tax Program NYC – Tax Practice Pro, Inc

A 2-hour session on preparing Form 8621. Hands on form completion scenarios including 1291 default taxation, mark to market, unreversed inclusions, and QEF. You will also learn where the resulting numbers end up on Form 1040. A must attend for anyone who works with Form 8621.